Color lover.

If someone was to glance through my wardrobe (consisting largely of black, white, and gray), they would never know that I am really a color lover. Today I want to show you a website that definitely fits this (secret) love of mine:

Colour Lovers.


Colour Lovers is a website/blog/community that covers all thing colors: wedding, home, fashion, web, print, and crafts! In it’s own words:

COLOURlovers is a creative community where people from around the world create and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful articles… All in the spirit of love.

The website allows you to create your own palettes, patterns and colors. It also lets you search through trends as well as palettes & etc created by others. The Community is a place where you can read blogs, share palettes & etc and just… join together to love on some colors. In the website’s store, you can buy software, fabric, art, and even clothing!

Browse around the site, check out their great blog, and just enjoy the inspiration! Color is a pretty amazing thing!

Ps… This website’s title, “Colour Lovers,” has resulted in the “Mother Lover” a SNL skit/song getting stuck in my head. If you have not seen it, I recommend it… I’m warning you ahead of time though… it may only be funny to select audiences (I have included a link to the censored one above).

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