Spring Cleaning

Well… as I have been mentioning, BF and I have been doing some major Spring cleaning. I’m talking whole closets cleaned out & etc. We’re getting rid of old clothes, books, old electronicstrinkets, and furniture – even our “kitchen” table…. it’s just been in the back room collecting dust, laundry, and craft projects.

If things go as planned, all of our crap (see image – this is only PART of it!) should be out in about 20 minutes… (It is now nearly 1pm and  Salvation Army promised a pick up between 11:15 and 1:15- if they don’t come til like.. 4, I’m NOT going to be a happy camper – although it IS super nice to not have to find a truck for all our stuff.)!

I think as soon as our stuff is out and I have done a thorough vacuum and dusting job, I will be free to start doing my DIY projects again! Woop!

Hope you’re having a great, productive, weekend!

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