Well you know how much I love virtual magazines (like Lonny Mag and Nesting Newbies)… I feel like those were more focused on… lifestyle, home & etc. The magazine I’m about to show you is all about fashion.

N.E.E.T. Magazine: For Grassroots Creativity.

Neet Magazine’s pages are full of gorgeous models, photos, clothing, jewelry, & accessories.  I especially love this magazine because it’s a GREAT way to discover new stores and designers. They highlight a TON of (almost all) Etsy stores … which I pretty much think is AMAAZING (if you don’t already know… find out more about Etsy here).

All of the clothing is gorgeous and edgy and a lot of it is also vintage. Vintage is always fun because you’re getting a one-of-a-kind piece! Among the advertisements (which alone are worth viewing the mag for), there are beautiful spreads (above) and feature sections that highlight different stores as well as bloggers and their favorite styles, accessories & etc (below). They even have a DIY article (below below)!

Here is a little blurb from N.E.E.T.’s “About” section:

N.E.E.T. is the first of its kind – online, free, and packed with everyone from a crafter creating from their kitchen table, to a fashion design graduate straight out of college, to a team of people doing it for the love of it. N.E.E.T. Magazine is an eco-friendly, grassroots style bible for the digital age.

I believe N.E.E.T Magazine makes its $ by selling advertisements… but… because it is free for its viewers, you have a chance to donate towards this awesome publication! Click here to make a donation.

Oh. And they also have a blog. Check it out.

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