iHeart iPhones.

Okay so… I RARELY do two posts in a day… but I figured you probably aren’t all that interested in what BF and I had for dinner… so I’ll go ahead and give you what you’ve been waiting for… the cool site of the day! Wahoo! Today’s website is for this iPhone lovers. Sorry, everyone else. It’s called:

Etch Reviews.



Etch Reviews is a website that reviews/rates/explains iPhone Apps. Personally, I am always looking for cool, new (preferrably cheap) iPhone applications but.. I’m always afraid that I won’t totally like it, get it, or it won’t work how I imagined. I definitely rely heavily on those little ratings that each app has from other users… but I want more. I want descriptions and an “expert”‘s opinion.

Each app is explained in a few paragraphs and rated using 4 categories (varying slightly with each purpose (ex: game vs. tool)): Usability, Practicality/Game Play, Neat Factor, and Overall.

Not only does Etch Reviews feature app reviews, but it also has Site News (including giveaways!), Comparisons (a little… thin… right now), Updates, and Tips

The one thing that I would LOVE to see on this site is some kind of “Etch Review Top 100 Apps” or “Etch Review Top Free Apps” or “…. Top 100 Apps under $5″… Some kind of organization would be nice! Its definitely fun to scroll through discovering new apps, seeing which ones to avoid and which ones I should download… but I would LOVE to scroll through TOP apps, skipping the bad ones completely when I’m not in the mood to browse as much.

Here are some of the apps I discovered that I totally dig:

Interval Trainer GO
(perfect for training for say… a half marathon…)


(I actually have this one and use it ALL THE TIME)


Awesome Facts
(They might not be AWESOME but they’re at least interesting)


Have any apps you think I should know about?! I’m always looking for new ones! Currently MY favorite apps are Facebook (obvi), Lose It! (a calorie counter), ShakeItPhoto (makes pics into Polaroid style), Scramble 2, and CraigsPro (Craigslist for the iPhone). Knocking Vid is also pretty cool.

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3 thoughts on “iHeart iPhones.

  1. Snow X says:

    Wow, thank you for the awesome recommendation.

    Keep on bloggin!

  2. Brian M. says:

    Thanks for the app love from Knocking Live Video! Love the blog! Keep it up!

  3. Clare says:

    You are awesome! Make sure you download the T-pain app! It is AMAZING!


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