I believe.

Mundane Monday. Gotta love it.

Today’s website is all about advertising… something that is near and dear to my little heart.  My love for a advertising, afterall, is kind of… what dictated my schooling. The website is called:

I Believe in Advertising.



I Believe in Advertising highlights awesome advertising campaigns from all around the world. Under each photo/video & etc., they tell you which advertising agency put it together and who was involved.

You can browse by date by simply scrolling down the page, or you can browse by categories including: Ambient/Outdoor/Direct, Art, Design, Italian Adv, Outdoor, Photography, Print/Poster, Profile, Radio, TV/Film, Uncategorized, Web/Viral.

Look around, see what other countries are doing in their ad campaigns (some are rather… risque), and enjoy! The site is 100% awesome.

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