I finished!

Well… I told you yesterday that I would show you the DIY projects I finished over the weekend…. well…. I’m only showing you one out of two. I’ll show you the other one later this week….

Buuut… I DID IT!!! I finally finished that dang “pixel art” slash “mosaic” –  you know… the one that was supposed to be given to BF for Valentines Day!? Yes. I know. It only took 2.5 months to finish… but the thing is, a VERY crucial shade of gray was super hard to come by and I had to recruit friends and family to send me swatches! It was a long process!

Anyway… Here is the final product:

Sorry about the glare…. but it helps to see it if you squint. To give you an idea of how big it is, it measures 30″x50″ and the squares are about 1″ each. Check out the original posting about this project for more information on how I did it & etc.

Well… that’s it! That’s the piece that has been taking up my entire bedroom floor… that required multiple trips to multiple WalMarts, Home Depots, and Lowes. That’s the piece that only cost me $6 to make… but 2.5 months to finish. It’s cool. No big deal.

On to the next. I think I’m going to redo BF’s dresser… inspired by the chair and table below (as seen on Design*Sponge):

How AWESOME are THOSE!? I seriously can’t wait! I’ll keep you posted… Or at least let you know when I start… prob won’t be for a little while. BF and I are in the middle of some serious spring cleaning. Still.

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12 thoughts on “I finished!

  1. Colleen says:

    I love this! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to paint my chairs in my dining room. This is so different from what I’ve done in the past.

    • MaunderingMe says:

      i KNOW i found these two things so long ago and have been trying to figure out what piece of furniture to do it on! finally found one and I’m so excited!

  2. D Light says:

    that is great work and that is a true compliment since I am married to an artist
    Check out my photo site if you wish http://www.crazyparking.com

  3. Matt says:

    That looks great! Tight work. That chair is awesome. I am like you though. Itchin to finish what I have going on to start the next project.

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  5. Clare says:

    Ahhhh it looks AWESOME!! And I am the same way, I always gotta finish my first project before I start another. Or i will get overwhelmed


  6. These are all really great and creative. I love the wood grain reversed out from the paint. I have a wood porch swing that would be perfect! Hmmmm, you have me thinkin.

  7. Jessica Dohmen says:

    i LOVE this. so much that i’m thinking about copying it. just moved into a new apartment and this would make for some great, creative artwork!

    also, i’m kind of obsessed with your blog. you’ve found some amazing websites!

    • MaunderingMe says:

      You should SO do it! It was really easy! The only thing I had trouble with was finishing it. haha! Also… I bought laquer white spraypaint thinking that would make it super shiny (like the pictures on the can)… so not the case. I ended up buying a little jar of clear, high gloss, polyeurothane to put on over as a last layer- worked like a charm. Good luck! Lemme know how it goes! PS… Thanks for the blog love 🙂 Glad you like it & I’m totally open to suggestions!

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