You are not alone.

Today’s blog will be especially appreciated by you marketing/design people who have to deal with picky/irrational clients… but pretty much anybody who has dealt with coworkers/bosses & etc can probably relate to a lot of it.

Clients From Hell is a blog that features tidbits of frustrating conversations between the authors (all designers) and their clients. There is a new “scenario/conversation” posted each day.  It’s seriously such a clever/simple idea! And definitely makes me chuckle.

Today’s featured conversation reads:

Scroll through the designers’ frustrations and laugh a little bit… cringe a little bit.. and know that you’re not the only one out there struggling with irrational client (or coworker or boss or whomever…) requests.

Happy Tuesday!

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One thought on “You are not alone.

  1. Laura says:

    My favorites:

    “Lime Green instead of regular. As ninja turtle bright as possible.”

    “I would like to have our home page come up with some information in a hockey puck that flies around the screen. I’d like the user to have to chase the puck with a hockey stick for a cursor and whack it to let them in the site.”

    “I like the logo, but can you try a version instead of black type, can you make it plaid.”

    Client: “We love the movie you’ve created for us, but it’s just not working for us”
    Me: “Ok, what would make it work?”
    Client: “We want it to go viral! It needs dancing babies or unicorns”

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