Be social. Workout.

I’m super excited to share with you my latest website find:




SocialWorkout is a website full of articles, tips, & etc… all things healthy.

After college, I think a graduate has two choices when it comes to health: continue living the beer and ramen saturated college life or get healthy. Its funny because I think that most of my friends have taken the second path. Which is AWESOME! I’ve seen a lot of my friends participating in marathons & etc…  I’m sorry to say that I have not quite achieved the fitness level of a marathon runner… but that is definitely a goal for me.

The website not only features helpful articles (like this one I’ll have to show BF), tidbits , and even a little bit of fashion commentary… but also a link to what is most popular on their website, a “local” section that posts events, classes, guides, and conversation starters, and a “challenges” section which lets you join the world in different fitness commitments. Finally, the site features a “talkamongyourselves” section which helps create a community of people dedicated to fitness and health. This section features blogs, posts, comments, advice….even a directory of “classes, places, and trainers.”

As I continue to try to create a healthier lifestyle for myself, I think that this website will help keep me interested and inspired. It’s super easy to navigate and has great information! What do you think?!

oh. and subscribe to their newsletter!

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One thought on “Be social. Workout.

  1. jeremy says:

    Look at you all health wise 🙂 I digg

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