I’ve got a hunch…

Happy Friday, guys!

Anything fun going on this weekend? I don’t really have any big plans.

Today’s website is a fun little game that will definitely kill some time for you.

Hunch: Twitter Predictor.



The Hunch: Twitter Predictor Game “predicts” things about you based on your Twitter username.

Once you enter your username, it begins asking you questions, giving you simple yes/no, multiple choice questions. It then tells you if it guessed your answer correctly. If you want to “peek” and see what the Twitter Predictor thinks you will say before you answer, simply click “take a peek.”

This game is interesting… basically I think it just asks questions and predicts the answer  based on what, in general, is the norm (ex: right hand vs. left hand- it’s going to guess I’m right handed)… I think that it also bases your next answers on some of your previous answers. For example, it asks which hemisphere you live in… which means that some of your other answers may depend on where you live… ex: Once it knows I live in the Northern Hemisphere, it can probably guess I know what sport Shaquille O’Neil plays…

It’s very tricky… and pretty accurate. It guessed 147 out of 160 questions right- thats 91%! Just to let you know… the game never ends. I realized this about 150 quesitons into it! I just kept going waiting for the end – there wasn’t one.

Take the quiz! Also… visit Hunch.com to answer more quizzes, set up a “taste profile” & etc.

How well does it know you?! Kinda freaky? Or is this just… like I assume… some probability game?

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