Nesting noob.

Hello! Happy One-Week-From- April-Fools Day!

Today’s website kind of reminds me of one of my favorites: Apartment Therapy. It’s called:

Nesting Newbies.



Nesting Newbies is a fairly new website that features a virtual magazine (very similar to Lonny Magazine) and a cooking, entertainment, and decorating section. It also has a “BotiQmarks” and an “Endnotes” section. Although the topics that this website covers has been done before, Nesting Newbies is definitely aimed towards younger people – people who are just starting to buy houses, have dinner parties & etc.

I really like the virtual magazine because, although it is totally online, it is layed out like a regular, physical magazine (it even has cute page flipping sounds!). The magazine features clickable ads, lots of recipes, food and hosting tips, gift ideas, decorating trends, and even DIY projects! It even has a list of its designers/favorite blogs at the end! This is SO my type of magazine! 

The cooking section and entertaining section include many of the things found in the virtual magazine… but also lots more! Plus, using these sections makes it easier to track down, print & etc the recipes & articles featured in the mag.  Right now, they have an article and recipes for crock pots! I so dig it.

BotiQmarks and Endnotes highlight bloggers, trends, giveaways & etc.

Sign up for the mag today! I think that this new website/magazine is relevant to a lot of post grad people (like myself). It’s a great way to find new recipes, get some ideas for get-togethers, and become inspired to decorate a new apartment or house!

Enjoy! Have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Nesting noob.

  1. Thank you for the awesome blog post! We’re working on our Spring 2010 issue now and are sure it will inspire more decorating, entertaining and cooking ideas. 🙂

  2. […] 2010 · Leave a Comment Well you know how much I love virtual magazines (like Lonny Mag and Nesting Newbies)… I feel like those were more focused on… lifestyle, home & etc. The magazine I’m about […]

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