My type of friend.

Good Morning! Hope you had a great Easter weekend! A little late, I know… but I’ve been on vacation! Just a quick trip to the beach with a friend but… it was so nice – perfect weather.

Today’s website goes out to all of you friends of type. And, in fact, that’s the name of the website.

Friends of Type.



Friends of Type features different “fonts.” The fonts aren’t ones that you can buy… instead they’re just meant to be admired.. maybe even spark your own inspiration.

Here is what the website had to say about themselves:

Erik sent me a sweet sketch. I said, “you should post that!” He was like, “where?” So there you go. 8 hours later, at about 4am EST and 1am PST, we are Friends of Type… This is a sketchbook, an archive, a dialogue…

Scroll through the fonts… and appreciate their cleverness. Some of the fonts include:



You can buy a few limited edition prints of some of the fonts in their store… they’d make gorgeous decorations!

Enjoy looking around! New fonts are posted all the time. I’m officially a fan.

Website via Oh Joy

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3 thoughts on “My type of friend.

  1. Clare says:

    You know, you blog reminds me a lot of a wildly successful blog called A Cup of Jo. It has that same tranquil vibe.

  2. […] are all well aware of my obsession with all things handmade… as well as my obsession with fonts. Well… I can now combine the […]

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