Dance, clown!

oookay… so I’m super late today… I’m sorry! I have the day off so I tried to sleep in, then I ate breakfast, did some reading (Breaking Dawn! Almost done!), and am about to go to the gym! But… first I wanted to show you this website:

Danse Dance.

Danse Dance is a website that allows you to interact with this oblivious guy and his office supplies…. Here’s how the site describes itself:

Each day, we are surrounded by seemingly insignificant objects, taking them from one place to the other, or leaving them on a table for weeks, without paying any attention to them. We ignore or forget them, using things only when we need to, making sure they don’t interfere or inhabit our space. But what if they were not so stable and subservient? What if they could swivel, bounce or even fly. And what if they did so all at the same time? We want to imagine a place where objects could live and move, harmoniously, and of their own accord. Without interfering with each other these objects would bounce, roll, turn and cross each other’s paths.

This experiment is about re-discovering our daily surroundings. Each object is assigned to a letter on the keyboard, and can be activated or deactivated at any time.

Like the description above says, once you select the size you want to view (high or low – they’re the same… juut depends on your internet connection which one works better, I think), just start pounding (or nicely tapping) on the keyboard! All the objects come to life right before your eyes! See if you can get them all to move! I think one of my favorites is the coffee!

If you get a moment, I definitely recommend you check out the process behind this interactive video thing! It’s fun to see how they did it! Actually… its pretty amazing!

Seriously check this out! And Enjoy! It has potential to keep you entertained for a while. Oh! and… Happy Friday! For those of you who celebrate it, Happy Easter, too!

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