Make your own font!

Yeeesssiirreeee it’s Thursday! (Happy April Fools! – and no, I’m not going to… “fool” you.) Buuut… I have tomorrow off soo… technically I suppose this is my Friday! yay!

I found out about today’s website via Apartment Therapy‘s sister site, Unplggd. It’s called:




The Fontifier is a website that takes your own handwriting and turns it into a font! HOW COOL!?

This site would be perfect for people who… need to write a million thank you notes, who have people writing letters & etc on their behalf, and pretty much anything else… The only drawback is it costs money.

I know. I’m sorry. I think this may be the first website (besides the obvious shopping ones) where I recommend something that you actually have to purchase. I try not to do it because… honestly, if I saw this, I’d prob have the same reaction as you do “That’s cool… but I’m not paying $9.” The $9 cost may seem… annoying… until you get married or something and have to write 400 thank you notes.

Well. Yeah. That’s pretty much it. I just love fonts and typology and thought I would share a website that allows you to stop searching through Dafont for hours, downloading fonts that are just your handwriting imposters. Follow the simple instructions on Fontifier and start actually using your own handwriting!

What do you think? Worth $9?  Maybe in some situations (like businesses & etc… I know I could’ve used this a few weeks ago at work..)

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2 thoughts on “Make your own font!

  1. Melany says:

    You missed

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