It’s mad, men!

 Huuummppp Daaay!

So… BF and I have recently hopped on the Mad Men bandwagon. A little late, I know. 

At first, we were like.. “why do people LIKE this show?!”  But it just started out super slow. Besides the awesome characters and outfits – and storyline, I suppose – one of my favorite parts about this show is watching them do all sorts of things that would TOTALLY not be acceptible these days. Like….  Smoking in your office & everywhere else. Drinking a LOT in your office. Bringing a rifle to work.  Hooking up with the secretary. Not wearing seatbelts/using carseats. Children playing with plastic bags over their heads… The list goes on and on. It’s fun to catch the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, differences!

So like I said, we’re hooked. (And a season behind).

I ran across this “game” yesterday… I’m probably as late discovering the game as I am discovering the show… but… it’s called:

Mad Men Yourself.



Mad Men Yourself allows you to put together an “avatar” of yourself and insert it into the world of Mad Men. You pick from body types, face shape, eye shape, hair color & style, & etc. Then you give the avatar accessories (including cigarettes, marinis, scotch & etc) and stick them in a “scene.”

Here’s my avatar…  it pretty much looks nothing like me… buuut.. its as close as I could get:


I even made one of BF (his is better…):



Doesn’t he look handsome!? haha I think my favorite part of the Mad Men Yourself is seeing the other characters in cartoon form. They really look like them! Especially “Joan Harris” (played by Christina Hendricks). They totally captured her look and personality! (Did I mention I seriously WANT her red hair?! like.. seriously. I’m considering it).

Mad Men Yourself. Do it.

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2 thoughts on “It’s mad, men!

  1. Jeremy says:

    🙂 oh lovely your great. Great post haha.

  2. Clare says:

    okay i LOVE Mad Men! But since you are already on the AMC channel bandwagon, get Breaking Bad too. I think it may be a teeny weeny bit better than Mad Men. Me and my beau are addicted to both shows!

    p.s…. Wait till you get to season3 of Mad Men HOLY CHRIST!

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