“Tiny Things” Art.

Hello! Did you all have a fantastic Monday?! Mine was okay… ended the day with Lettuce Wraps (chopped chicken instead of beef… and double the sauce)… so it wasn’t THAT bad! Meanwhile, just trying to figure out what’s going on in our (mine and BF’s) lives!

Today’s website belongs to an artist I recently discovered. Her name is Blanca Gómez and her website is  called:



Cosas Mínimas means “Tiny Things” in Spanish. I’m not sure I 100% understand why she chose that title… maybe because her illustrations often look very… petite? or because her art is not necessarily spread out on huge canvases? Either way… all I know is that it IS super cute!

Blanca Gómez has a very graphic style of illustration. Her work consists mainly of illustrations made from basic shapes – and they can be seen all OVER the place! From Dwell Magazine, greeting cards, exhibitions, and wall decals… to websites, wedding invitations, and even tshirts!

Here are some of my favorites:





Not only does Gómez do these cute projects, she also does illustrations, gocco, paintings, photography, & etc.  What a very talented lady!

I love her work, but I love the simplicity and organization of Gómez’s website! One image on the main page and a simple  list of projects/mediums down the left side. I also like how there is a strike through over the words once you click on the project/link! Kind of unique and fun!

Enjoy her work! It’s just too cute and clever!

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