Where do YOU design?

Hello again! Isn’t it funny how quickly Mondays seem to sneak up?!

Today’s website makes me want to revamp my entire desk area. It has turned more into a dumping ground than a desk/design area! The website is called:

Where We Design.



Where We Design is a site that “showcases your design space.” It’s always nice to see what other people are doing – get some ideas & inspiration, ya know?

You can view the spaces by looking at the most recently added (on the homepage), by popularity, ratings, or categories. The design spaces are broken down into various categories including Advertising Agency, Architect, Design Agency, Graphic DesignerMusician, Photographer, Software Designer & etc.

I think its fascinating how different all the spaces look. I mean… I guess that makes sense… but still! One design company simple desk in a small office, while another has huge wall graphics and even a table with fake sheep inside it!

Do you (or your work) have a great design space? You can upload your photos and have them featured on this site! Cool, huh!?

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One thought on “Where do YOU design?

  1. kseverny says:

    cool indeed.
    my space is full of bits of paper.

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