Musical movie moments.

I want it to be Saturday right now… soooo im bringing you your weekend video a day early…

Last Friday, I listed a bunch of songs I had been watching/listening to on VEVO.

One of those songs included “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. This song… which has recently gotten stuck in my head a lot (prob bc its on one of my playlists), has resulted in me singing it to myself… but… instead of the Guns N’ Roses version, I find myself singing the Step Brothers  (starring Will Ferrell and John Reilly) version (“myy name is JEERRYYYY and I can sing HIIIIIIGH like THIIIIIS”). It’s seriously one of my favorite parts in the whole movie. Soo… I thought I’d share with/remind you of how awesome it is:


The “Sweet Child O’ Mine” video (above) reminds me of another one of my favorite musical moments in another one of my favorite Will Ferrell movies,  Anchorman.  (Sorry… this is the best I could… check out the cartoon version, too!):


Cartoon Version (LOVE IT!):

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