Spring has sprung.

Good morning!

Got up super early this am to try the whole… workout before work thing… now it is a few hours later and… not sure how great of an idea that was. Hopefully I can give  it a few more trys before deciding.

As the weather slowly gets warmer, I’m slowly starting to realize that my spring/summer wardrobe needs some serious revamping. I was even more convinced of this once Creature Comforts introduced me to:

Spool No. 72 is a “rustic, native inspired clothing company” … they have super cute clothes including: Blouses & Knits, Tees, Dresses, Jewelry, and Bags & Totes.

Here’s what I would buy if I had the funds:







Cute, huh!? And… what I like about the company is… their stuff is fairly reasonably priced. I mean… it’s no “Forever 21” or “Ross” … but it definitely keeps up with department store prices at least.

Gosh. I need that bag.

Happy Spring Shopping Everyone!

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One thought on “Spring has sprung.

  1. Clare says:

    love that green skirt and striped shirt!


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