“Nerd” is the new “Cool.”

Happy Hump Day!

In case you were unaware, “nerd” is kinda in style right now. I mean… Just check out this video, The New Dork:



Think about it. Nerds earned that title because they’re smart, techy, into computers, & etc. Sounds like my kinda guy! I know I am stereotyping here (… isn’t that kinda what a “nerd” is? A stereotype?), but nerds are the ones who are SUCCESSFUL.

Admit it. Success is hott.

Well… as “nerd” has become something to strive for, a style has developed around that theme. And, as a result, a website dedicated to this style.

Nerd Boyfriend.



Nerd Boyfriend is a blog that simply posts one photo a day, often of famous people, totally rockin’ the hott “nerd” look.  I especially like this site because underneath the photo of the sexy nerd, the outfit is broken down, piece by piece, and a link is provided to each garment so you can purchase/emulate the look if you so desire.

Not only are the pictures and links great on this site but… I love the simplicity. There are no words (besides the date at the top of each entry). This minimalistic look allows you to really just enjoy the photos without being bombarded by ads, comments, & etc (I could probably learn a thing or two from that site…).

Guys, maybe it’s time you embrace your nerdy side. Ladies, maybe you should slowly easeblazer or two (and a nice pair of loafers) into your man’s wardrobe.

What do you think? Are nerds in or am I just totally delusional?

website thanks to A Breath of Frake-Air
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2 thoughts on ““Nerd” is the new “Cool.”

  1. A. R. Baggs says:

    Cool blog. I like being a nerd.

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