People painter. Literally.

Last Friday, I got my weekly email from Photojojo… They were featuring an artist with a VERY unique medium:

Alexa Meade.



Alexa Meade is a painter who paints on… people. Yes, people! Then she photographs them. Sometimes she paints the background and props to make them look like they’re painted too!

Her work is seriously awesome/freaky! If you didn’t know that they were photos – and often even though you do – you would totally think that the images were simply paintings. I think what adds to the freaky-ness of her work is that where a painting would usually have the information like paint type and canvas size, she lists the peron’s height!

Check out her Portfolio for some examples of her work… including these:




To see even more of her work, visit Aleaxa Meade’s Flickr page.

Isn’t she talented?! What a unique look at painting! Her stuff looks JUST like paint on canvas! What do you think?!

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4 thoughts on “People painter. Literally.

  1. jeremy says:

    that’s pretty cool 🙂

  2. […] today! I think we’re going to go into DC and hopefully catch the last day/last few hours of Alexa Meade‘s exhibit at Irvine Contemporary. Besides that, no real […]

  3. […] the plane and I took them straight to Irvine Contemporary, a tiny gallery on 14th street. It was Alexa Meade’s last day of her exhibit! We walked in and she was actually there doing an […]

  4. Great take on Meade’s work. Love your blog.

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