Mundane Monday again.

Hi guys! Mudane Monday here once again.

Did you have a good weekend?! Mine was kinda… semi nonexistant considering I bartended for 8 hours both Sat (reunion)  & Sun (country concert)… (boohoo, I know).

The cool part about Sunday was I actually got to bartend the VIP area… so… singers/band, managers, radio station (97.3 The Eagle), groupies & etc.

The concert included:

Jake Owen


Steel Magnolia


Mallary Hope


Easton Corbin


Danny Gokey


Love and Theft


Dave Cynar


Okay…  as I’m writing this…  I realized it has potential to sound like I am totally bragging.  I’m really not.  Out of all the performers, I only directly met Love and Theft (and their band) and Dave Cynar (and his band). The other people I either simply greeted or saw from across the room (… the guy from Steel Magnolia complimented my corny bowtie…). 

The reason I am sharing this exprience with you is because all the groups are all really good! I just wanted to introduce you to some great new (for the most part) music! If you like country, I know you will like these guys… and if you don’t, you still may want to check them out. They’re more contemporary… which means less “my dog died, my girl left me, my truck broke down” and more just… good music! 

Meanwhile, I’ve realized that I have been neglecting my own love for country music. Back to my country station on Pandora!

Have a good day! And seriously, check out these new(ish) bands!

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