Sticky not so icky.

Goood Mooorning!

Did some of you have trouble getting up this morning thanks to maybe… oh… celebrating St. Patty’s Day last night?! I know IIIII had a hard time getting up and I didn’t even celebrate! I watched TV and did some work – exciting, I know.

Today’s website, like many others, was introduced to me by Alison of A Breath of Frake-Air.




Stickybits is a website/company with a very interesting concept. They provide a free iPhone or Android app that allows you to scan barcodes – whether it’s barcodes on stickers they provide or barcodes on your favorite cereal box! Once you scan them, you can “load” the barcode with all sorts of media including songs, messages, photos, & basically any other type of information. Then you attach them to whatever you want and send them on their way (aka stick them anywhere) – for the recipient to scan and open the media file.

Like I said earlier, the cool part is you dont actually have to buy their stickers (I thought you did at first)! Once you have their app, you can scan ANY barcode and make it into one that can hold media. For example, if you scan the barcode of a book, you could load a book review on it. Then… if someone else with StickyBits was to scan that book, they could read your review! Cool! (see examples below:)


I think that this whole Sticky Bits thing is awesooommee. If only more middle schoolers and high schoolers had iPhones and Androids (give it a few years and they prob all will). This could be the next medium for passing notes & etc!

I’m tempted to purchase some stickers and actually give it a try… but the only slight problem I find with this concept is… I’m pretty sure the other person who is receiving the barcode, must have the app in order to scan it and open it (I’m assuming this since I don’t see any numbers under the barcode that could be punched in as an alternative). Maybe in the future, this could be something they add. For instance, I could send my mom a bunch of pictures on my barcode and she could hop on the computer and look it up (since she doesn’t have a fancy phone to scan the sticker).

Anyway… it’s likely that I might splurge and buy the stickers. Then force BF to download the app so I could stick messages on stuff for him. Like… secret messages! woo! Maybe when I get paid.

Check out the StickyBits and lemme know what you think… is this a trend that will die out or is this concept here to stay (maybe with some minor improvements/adjustments)? I think it has potential if handled correctly.

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