Connect the dots.

Good morning! Happy St. Patricks Day!

I found today’s website just yesterday after being inspired by a DIY project I found online. The website is:

ALDO – connect the dots.



ALDO – connect the dots allows you to take any image and make a “connect the dots” puzzle out of it. It’s SUPER easy to do – although maybe slightly harder to make it actually loook like your original image.

In order to make your own connect the dots, simply follow the instructions. Click “Start,” then agree to the terms and conditions and upload your image. Once your image is uploaded, you then begin tracing it with your mouse, clicking everytime you want to place a dot. Two clicks ends that series of dots and allows you to “pick up” your mouse and start somewhere else!

Here is one I made (with the original photo right below):



So yeaaaah… maybe my connect the dots is a little rough… but you should see some of the others in the Gallery! Some of them are crazy good!

The DIY that inspired me to find this website was one I found on Design*Sponge. It’s a project involving embroidering logs… I know. It sounds odd. But it looks kinda cool (see below)! I had actually seen a HUGE scale of these on a wall in a house on a blog I follow and thought it was awesome. I figured… it maybe hard eyeballing a more complicated image and found ALDO to help me out.



ALDO – connect the dots is not only a useful tool to embroider logs (even though EVERYONE does that, right?!), it’s a fun little activity to make for a friend, for a child (coloring book style), or for yourself to kill time. The tool takes a little getting used to but… it’s fun to see what things look like when they’re made out of dots and lines! (BF and I sure look freakish!)

Have fun! Be good tonight!

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