A different kind of schooling.

Welll not only is it another Mundane Monday… but the first Mundane Monday with the whole.. “spring forward” thing. I don’t know about you, but it was nearly impossible for me to get out of bed today!

Hope you had a great weekend though! BF and I went to The Shamrockfest up in DC… it rained the ENTIRE time… Freezing temps and pouring rain… But… good friends made it alll better! I can imagine it being a pretty awesome time if it was warmer and dryer. Maybe next year.

So… for the past two weeks, BF and I have been taking a bartending course. I’m not sure that we necessarily want to be full-time bartenders but… Thought it would be a fun new skill/hobby/knowledge to have. We took it at a school called:

Academy of Bartending.



The Academy of Bartending is located in Newport News. It is run by a woman named Tery… who is SUPER nice and flexible. She has the attitude that “its your money.” So she tries to accomodate you the best she can.

There are a few options for the classes (which have to total 40 hours): You can do it in one week M-F from 2pm-10pm, two weeks M-F from 6-10 (thats what me and BF did), and sometimes she offers Saturday classes (5 Saturdays for 8 hours a day).

BF and I learned how to free pour accurately, some facts & history of different liquors (ex: did you know Vodka, which is the most popular liquor in the US right now, didn’t really even exist in the US before the 1970s), and -obviously- drink recipes. We also learned Virginia ABC laws & etc (and got TIPS certified). At the end of the course, we were tested on our knowledge through a written test, as well as a “speed test” where you have to pour 12 drinks in under 5 minutes (I got 3 min 5 seconds!). Then we got a certificate!

I think this class is especially great for people who are serious about getting a job as a bartender. Tery does a great job networking with Academy of Bartending Alum as well as local bars, restaurants, and caterers!

Maybe you want to be a bartender at your local “watering hole,” work weddings on the weekends… or maybe you just want to entertain some friends and become a slightly more rounded person… Whatever it is, a bartending school might be something worth looking into.

Happy Monday!


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3 thoughts on “A different kind of schooling.

  1. Clare says:

    I love you and Jerm
    I love that photo
    I love your gorgeous hair and face!
    I love love love the fact that you two are taking bartending class together!


    • MaunderingMe says:

      You’re a doll 🙂 That hair and face was product of wind and rain and freezing temperatures! And yeah. Me and Jerm are now “Certified Mixologists” haha! we have a certificate and everything!

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