Oh, Word!

Sooo… the Train concert was awesome last night! I love the Norva because no matter where you are, you pretty much have a great view. My favorite songs he performed were: Meet Virginia, Hey Soul SisterDrops of Jupiter, and She’s On Fire.  Here’s a pic I took on my phone of the concert (none of us thought to bring cameras… smart, I know.).

I actually get to see Train again this weekend! Along with other bands like LMFAO ! BF and I are meeting up with some people and going to the Shamrock Fest in DC… It’s supposed to rain the whole time… but… I’ll have my trusty rainboots with me so hopefully I’ll be okay.

Well.. Today’s website is a pretty fun one! It’s called:




Wordle lets you create pretty “word clouds” of whatever your heart desires. Words, poems, & etc.

Some of the examples I’ve seen include “word clouds” for different subjects/topics (ex: English class), favorites (ex: games), and descriptive words.

I decided to make one of all the different topics I like to cover on MaunderingMe just to try it out/show you how it works:


Once you find the words you want to put in your “wordle art,” simply click “create” at the top of the home page. That will take you to an area where you can type or paste text in, type in a URL & etc. Then, click “Go” or “Submit.” You will see your words appear similar to what you see above. To choose a different… style/layout, simply click “Randomize.” This will change the look of your word cloud. Then you can save, print, sharewhatev!

(if it doesnt work, it may be that you need the latest version of Java. Just go to Java.com and download it!)

This website kind of reminds me of high school.. when my friends and I would get bored in class and just make “signs” for eachother. The possibilities of how to use this site are endless: decorate your dorm, cubicle, locker, binders… make a greeting card, a love note – anything!



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