Hey boys! This is for you.

Thursdaaay!! aka Friday Eve!
Tonight me and two girlfriends are going to see Train at The Norva! We’re super psyched… mostly because of that “Hey, Soul Sister” song. I’ve been listening to a lot of Train at work this week (so that I know more than one song) and I was surprised how many of their songs I actually know! I guess that makes sense considering Train has been around forever (and is still kickin’!).

Well.. today’s website is actually for the fellas! I know that a lot of my websites are definitely aimed toward the fairer sex… but not today, gentleman. Not today. I haven’t forgotten about you. (Although the ladies will still appreciate the site, I think. I know I dig it.). It’s called:

Cool Material.



Cool Material is a website that basically collects cool things that guys would like. It calls itself “Men’s gear blog featuring the latest trends in watches, gear and gadegts.” The site sort of reminds me of a “”ThisNext” type of site… only it is soley dedicated to men’s interests (but like I said earlier, there’s nothing wrong with the ladies looking through it).

The site is broken into 8 main (or MAN) categories… The 8 out of 9 categories that consume men’s thoughts (the 9th being the “women folk”, duh.): Gear, Tech, Style, Home, Media, Rides, Work, and Travel. There is a red thumb in next to each item which allows you to rate each item… guess that helps them rank the most popular items on their site.

Some of my favorite finds on this website include:



Wood iPhone Case


Shwood Canby Sunglasses


Dry Erase CalendarVinyl Sticker


Cool Material is an infinite website… I could seriously list hundreds of awesome finds on here… but I’ll save you the time now so you can spend it later finding your own awesome things. This website is perfect to gather gift ideas– whether it’s for yourself, to tell others, or for the ladies to find things for their boys.

What are some of your favorite finds? I seriously want that Dry Erase Calendar.

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