Fern Gully!

Didn’t you just LOVE that movie back in the day!? I was obsessed. Then… BF got it for me on Netflix a few months back and… lemme tell you, keep that one as a fond memory (as in don’t remind yourself by watching it…). It is NOT a good movie and will totally ruin your idealistic childhood memories.

Well… today’s website actually has nothing in common with Fern Gully except that the title of the movie kinda reminds me of its title:

Ferm Living.

(okay maybe connecting those two is a little bit of a stretch…)



Ferm Living is an online store that sells things for your home. But not just regular things… super cute, artsy, modern things. It kinda reminds me of CB2, one of my favorites!

When I look through this website, I seriously want it all. The wallpaper is just so… unique- they’d all be great for an accent wall or something! Then their wallstickers are just to die for (I may be a little bias though… I’m obsessed with wallstickers)! I especially like the birch trunks (see below), birds on a wire, coat tree, and power pole… although I want almost all of them (besides the flys I think.. gross.)


Their pillows (aka Cushions) are really cute… They all have basically the same patterns as the wallpaper and wallstickers. I think the barcode pillow (below) is pretty badass but you would probably have to have a certain look to put that on your couch/bed/whatev. I also like the love birds, tree bomb, and apple tree!

Similar to the pillows, the kitchen stuff include basically hand towels, napkins, and cups with the same patterns.

And this is where I would like to pause for a min… and admit something…

The website I have been talking about (and linking to) is actually the… real/European website… That’s why some of you (more observant people) may have noticed everything was in Euros! The website for the US is http://fermlivingshop.us. But… the European website is just so much… prettier!

Up to now, everything I have mentioned is on both the European website aaannnddd the US website… but, unfortunately, the cards and accessories sold on the European website are unavailable on the US one (at least right now)! I’m sure that they wouldn’t mind selling them to you… but don’t forget about conversion rates and shipping costs!

I really like Ferm Living because they are simple. They made x amount of patterns/designs and, if you like them (and how can you NOT!?), you’re pretty much guarenteed to like everything they sell. Simple AND genius! My favorite!

Check out the site(s) and enjoy their artistic simplicty.  Also, visit their blogs: Favourite Things (European) and Clever Spaces (US). They’re full of beautiful photos and lots of decorating & craft ideas!

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