Green Art

Today’s website belongs to an artist whose work I totally dig.

Schimmel Art.

Schimmel Art reminds me of other artists who inspire me like Eric Daigh and Sean Kenney. They share a similar… piecing smaller, everyday, things together and create masterpieces!

Schimmel does not use any technology when she creates her art. “Everything is hand-painted, hand-cut, hand-applied, hand-embellished, and hand-finished.” Plus, everything she makes is green. She uses old junk mail & etc for her paper and uses safe, nontoxic, water based materials.


Maybe I’m drawn to Schimmel Art, especially her portraits, because I have a thing for torturing myself with a similar style. Ex: A highschool art project I created using magazine scraps (see above- sorry, the color’s a little off in the first pic) and my latest “mosaic”/”pixel art” V-day project made out of paint swatches. If it’s not her art, it’s possible that I am drawn to Schimmel because she seems like someone I would get along with. I especially like her answer to the question “How long have you been an artist?” Her response was “I’ve never not been an artist.” (zing.)

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Look around her website and check out her art! Remember… it’s all made out of little pieces of scrap paper! You know that ValPak envelope you get? or those pamphlets of coupons for things you would never consider purchasing?

That could be art.

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2 thoughts on “Green Art

  1. Sabine says:

    Great pictures. I always loved producing these kind of pictures (but mine weren’t as beautiful as these…)

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