A little puppy love.

So… as some of you may know, I DESPERATELY want a dog! Like.. desperately.

Until then, I suppose I will just have to satisfy my pet wants/needs/hunger by looking at cute puppy pictures. Actually… I take that back. It’s torture. I just sit there and want every. single. one…. but for some reason, I can’t stop. (Actually… I know that reason. Because they’re so darn cute!)

I almost never seek out cute puppy pictures.. usually they are sent/shown to me by others. Alison, of A Breath of Frake-Air for instance, often tortures me with the cutness of the puppies on

Daily Puppy.



When Alison sends me the Daily Puppy link (a few times a week usually) I enjoy looking through them for a min or two… then I feel the “OH MY GOSH I WANT A DOG” feeling creeping up on me. It’s not enough just to look at other people’s cute dogs… I want my OWN! Then I start thinking.. why do I do this to myself!? And try to forget what I have just seen.

Then BAM! Another cute puppy website gets thrown at me. This time, it was by The Blah Blah Blahg (what a clever name huh!?). The website is:

Hipster Puppies.



I think my favorite part about Hipster Puppies is the captions under each of the photos- I think almost like them more than the photos themselves. At least in some cases. For instance, the photo of the dog above has a caption that reads:

“bernie moved to san francisco because it was more “laid back” and “anti-consumerist” than new york, but still manages to drink two cups of starbucks a day”

Basically, the website makes fun of these “Hipsters” in a very clever, and adorable, way! 

Now… when these cute dog websites finally break me down and I get a dog… I wanted to share a website with you that I will be checking out ALL THE TIME:




Some of you may remember when I covered the awesome design/art website, Design-Milk. Dog-Milk is sort of… a sister site. It’s design stuff for those designer’s dogs. Although some of the featured products are a little over the top… (like the raincoat you see in the photo above), some of the things highlighted on the site are so up my alley. For instance, when I get a dog, he/she is SO getting the Braided Dog Collar and Lead. It looks just like that leather necklace I mentioned on my blog a few weeks ago!

Well… that’s all for today. Hope you have a great weekend!

PS… For those of you who are wondering about my shoes I mentioned a few days ago, I missed the UPS guy on Tuesday night but he came again Wednesday. I LOVE the shoes and they fit PERFECTLY but… are definitely for the Fall… I struggled with keeping them (what good are $100 shoes you can’t wear for like.. 6+ months?!) but.. decided they were too cute to let go. Hope that gives some of you closure… haha

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