How small is too small?

So… today’s website is a blog all about homes. But not ordinary homes…. homes strapped to  trucks, homes made out of trash, and even homes made out of trees (not wood… TREES.) The blog is called:

This Tiny House, like I said, is a blog dedicated to the unique, eco-friendly, and tiny, houses. The author of the blog is a writer with a love for small spaces – About her:

My journey of tiny homes and small space living began 8 years ago in a converted old chicken coop on a hippie commune in Virginia, followed me to New York City in a 186-sq-ft apartment (a finalist in AT’s Smallest Coolest contest), meandered west across the United States with a brief experiment in car-living, and nested in a rooftop studio with my sweetiepie.

My desire to own my own tiny home (and not go into debt) led me to buy a used lightweight fiberglass travel trailer in January of 2008. (I can tow it with my fuel efficient car!) The intent of fixing up the 50-square-foot space was preparing for full-time travel.

We have since been adopted into what is being called the Small House Movement, which includes Tumbleweed-style tiny homes.

Personally, I think that her lifestyle sounds pretty much awesome and totally unique. One day, I would LOVE to buy myself (and bf) a fiberglass travel trailer and just… go! But… temporarily. I do see the charm in small houses… but I don’t know about TINY.

Some of my favorite houses include:

(^reminds me of Swiss Family Robinson)

(^Instant Housing for Urban Nomads – Click here for details on how this works -its AWESOME)

(^this is actually a HOTEL! click here to view the hotel homepage)

Aren’t these cool!? I could look through this blog all day… imagining myself living in these tiny houses… some of them I’m pretty sure I would be absolutely miserable in and others – they’re fit for a queen.

What do you think? Could you live in some of the featured tiny houses? It would definitely require an adjustment in one’s lifestyle!

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6 thoughts on “How small is too small?

  1. accessahut says:

    We are working on creating a tiny house (350 sf) for two disabled people, a mobility dog, and a cat. It has been a very interesting journey, and we have found difficulties with zoning (get something grandfathered in or stay out of any city), contractors (become very good friends with master electricians and plumbers), and accessibility…

    • MaunderingMe says:

      I just checked out your blog, Deena, and…. Wow! What a great project! I wouldn’t think that a Tiny House would have so many permit/zoning problems – I always imagine HUGE, rediculous houses having those types of problems. Can’t wait to read more and find out what it’s like living in a Tiny House (especially with another person and two animals)!

  2. Kristen says:

    Omg, I would die living in those things on the back of bicycles…I need to stretch out when I sleep! The ones that look like the house from Swiss Family Robinson (Andy’s favorite family movie) are pretty cool though…that would be an awesome vacation idea!

    • MaunderingMe says:

      Haha yeah some of the tiny houses are a little… extreme.. but can you imagine?! There’d be like.. no bills (which… on the downside means no electricity, running water, or INTERNET!). I think the Swiss Family Robinson house (which I have unofficially named it) is awesome! I’d love to see photos from inside of it! And I totally agree, GREAT vacation idea! hmm…

  3. MaunderingMe says:

    Hey guys! Check out For more information on The Tiny House Project!

  4. Thank you for this blog, I will be sure to reference it when needed throughout our website once we add our resources section. Keep up the great blogging and thanks again.

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