Maybe I should consider this diet.

My new shoes are going to be on my doorstep to greet me when I get home from work today!

Normally, I do not splurge on clothing/accessories. I actually get kinda a rush out of buying things for CHEAP… but then I saw these shoes at Lucky Brand and I HAD to get them. I justified it by telling myself… “they go with everything!”  “I’ll wear them all the time!” It’s too early to tell but I sure hope so. I definitely want to get my moneys worth.

My recent shoe purchase goes against EVERYTHING that today’s website stands for. The theme of the website is actually based on NOT spending. It’s called:

The Great American Apparel Diet.

The Great American Apparel Diet has NOTHING to do with the trendy brand American Apparel. In fact, it is on the other end of the spectrum. The website consists of:

“… a group of women and two men who have decided to go on a diet of sorts.  A fast really.  [They] are completely eliminating  “new apparel” from [their] diets for one year.   Yes, the next time you see [them] sporting new togs it will be Sept. 2, 2010.  Sound easy?  Well think again…”

This website is clever because it compares shopping to eating – both of which can be an addiction:

“The Great American Apparel Diet, no limits on portion size!   Wear as much as you like (as long as it’s not new).  Devour your closet until you are satisfied, not stuffed.  Chomp through your drawers until you are brimming not bloated.   Within days you will feel lighter, brighter and more confident.  In one small year (that’s 365 days, 8760 hours) you will be satiated without the unwanted weight of debt, overstuffed closets and apparel hangovers.”

Every contributor of the website has promised themselves and each other that they will not buy a piece of clothing for an entire year. They share their stories, struggles, and triumphs on the main page of the blog. They’re usually about things I can totally relate to… like walking into a store with the intent of buying ONE THING and walking out with handful of other things (and sometimes NOT that one thing).

I really do admire the people who are doing this but… I think they must have a plethora of friends, family members, and room mates (that are ALL their size) to make it work… Or they make all their clothing…

I mean… I am by no means addicted to shopping but… When there is an event coming up that I don’t have an outfit for, I run out and purchase something (ex: This past fall, I had like.. 7 weddings to attend. I ran out and bought a brown wrap dress – and wore it to oh… 5/7 of them). You should see my closet. I am by NO MEANS overwhelmed by wardrobe options. I guess I am also very limited to what I can purchase due to my…. somewhat uncommon measurements…

But you know what… at the same time, we are a society of consumers. What we often deem necessary (like my new shoes… and new clothing), is merely a pleasure. Although I am not sure I will go cold turkey, I may join the mentality of those who are members of the The American Apparel Diet; and next time I head out to shop, I’ll think twice. I know at least my wallet will appreciate it.

(PS… according to the “rules,” shoes are among the list of things you can “guzzle without guilt.” Maybe I’m living the American Apparel Diet more than I thought!)

What do you think? Are these ladies (and two guys) crazy or admirable? Could you go a year with out purchasing a new article of clothing?

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3 thoughts on “Maybe I should consider this diet.

  1. Clare says:

    I love this!! I also must admit that I am a fashion blogger who buys very little clothing! I usually get a few staple pieces at the beginning of each season and wear them all season long.

    …like these black jeggings… I think I have worn them like every other day since November…

  2. […] For those of you who are wondering about my shoes from a few days ago, I missed the UPS guy on Tuesday night but he came again Wednesday. I LOVE the shoes and they fit […]

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