Sleep talkin’ mcgee.

Horray for Fridaaaaaaaaaay!

Sorry I’m late this morning… this time it was NOT by my own accord. Phone outage in the whole area… oh Cox Communications.

How many of you have ever been told that you talked in your sleep? I know I have… it was something about moving the sandcastle away from the waves…. Anway… today’s website is a blog that my coworker recommended I highlight on my blog! It was created by a woman whose husband, Adam, has a tendency to talk in his sleep.


Sleep Talkin’ Man is simply a list of things that Adam has said in his sleep. Often, there is even an audio recording. Apparently, the wife used to wake up and write down what he would say but then she bought a voice-activating recorder and posts the audio on the blog…

I showed this to my friend yesterday and, yes,  we did question if this is even real (to the point of me wondering if it was worthy of your attention)… I even watched a video of them interviewing on the Today Show… They seem like nice enough people.

I don’t doubt that Adam has said funny things in his sleep every so often.. what I do doubt is the increased “activity” since their small bout with blogger “fame.” All of a sudden he’s chatty mcgee in the sack. I have a feeling that maybe sometimes things are a little embellished…

I decided to share this with you because, even if it is… “embellished”.. it is definitely funny (especially thanks to the guy’s British accent and vocab).

What do you think? Is this blog legit?
What are some of the funny things you’ve said in your sleep!?

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