Create art while you work!

I am so excited to tell you about today’s website!

Although… it’s not really a website at all… its… an application for you computer that allows you to create ART while you Work!


IOGraph (which used to be called Mouse Track) is an application, created by designer Anatoly Zenkov, that you simply download and…. whenever you open the application (double click the application you saved- ideally to your desktop), it immediately starts tracing your mouse moves. When your mouse is inactive, it begins creating a dot, similar to an old-fashioned ink pen, I suppose. Once you are done (which is whenever the heck you feel like it) simply save the image and BAM! You’ve Got Art.

I actually found this website via a blog that I follow (Sorry! I can’t remember who it was!), which led me to Flickr (I LOVE how the artist tagged his “coffee break” dots in the photos!), and then a super sketchy link. I was skeptical at first about allowing an application to come onto my computer and follow my every move but… after a few days, I couldn’t take it anymore. I HAD to do it! So… I did it last night. Fortunately, I ran across a more official website and felt a little more secure about what I was sticking on my computer.

I ran the IOGraph from 7:12pm to 8:12pm while I was surfin’ the net, writing emails, facebooking & etc…. as you can see by the pic (above), I spend most of my time going through tabs on my Safari, scrolling, and using my applications along the bottom of my computer screen. The poor bottom left of my screen is so neglected! (doesn’t it sorta remind you of an old school Etch A Sketch?!)

I seriously think that these “mouse tracks” would look AWESOME printed on some huge canvases. And…. I just might have to do that depending on how pretty mine turn out over the next few tries.

Next time I run IOGraph, I don’t think I’ll run it for quite as long. The design looked way cooler after doing it for only a few minutes… either that or way longer than an hour… I think at some point it just starts looking more like pen scribbles and less like art.

Isn’t this COOL!? I would LOVE to see some of YOUR “mouse track” creations!

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2 thoughts on “Create art while you work!

  1. alison says:

    that is so etch-a-sketch & i love it!

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