In case you forgot, I love free stuff.

Why hello Wednesday, I can’t believe you’re already here! (Although I hope this doesnt jinx the rest of my week…)

As I have mentioned to you in the past, I love free stuff. (I think I also added the comment last time, “who doesnt?!”). Today I want to share with you another website that gives you things for free. Pictures to be exact.


Stock.xchng (I call it “SXC” because of the url– plus, it kinda sounds like I’m saying “sexy”- go ahead say it aloud), is a website very similar to other stock photo websites, like iStock, but… it is totally free!

How many of you out there have ever taken iStock (or other) images and carefully photoshopped that annoying camera and “x” out of the picture… I’ll admit… I’ve done it for school projects…

Well… with stock.xchng, you won’t need to do that anymore (or at least maybe as often – it’s a tedious process!) All you do is sign up and sign in (again, its free) and you’re all ready to start searching and downloading!

Since I work as a graphic designer at my current job, I find Stock.xchng especially useful. The range of pictures and quality definitely varies. Some of the photos submitted are taken by professionals, others may be just photos taken by amateurs (or… the worst kind: amateurs who think they’re professionals *shiver/cringe*).

Here is a link to a blog that has collected a long list of free photo sources. There are tons out there… although SXC (Stock.xchng) is my go-to-guy most of the time.

Search through the photos, find some to use in your own projects, or maybe just find some to make fun of (like the one above…. I don’t care if that model is some crazy, stretchy, deformed porn star, there’s NO way this silhouette is possible if she was actually sitting on that cube… reminds me of the website Photoshop Disasters I mentioned a few weeks ago.)

Happy Hump Day!

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2 thoughts on “In case you forgot, I love free stuff.

  1. Clare says:

    yes this website saved me in grad school!! I love it 🙂

  2. jeremy says:

    my new favorite is 🙂

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