Advice for ladies this weekend…

Yay Fridays! Although Fridays are cool… its still a day I have to work.. so it’s only cool because I don’t have to work TOMORROW. (Reminds me of that hangover line in “School of Rock“)

Today’s website is actually just an article that Alison from A Breath of Frake-Air shared with me this morning! I couldn’t help but share it with you, too! The article is titled:

Don’t Get Drunk 1938.

Don’t Get Drunk is an article ABOUT an article. It is intended to show designers & etc. what NOT to do as far as photographs, captions & etc. That’s not what’s truly funny though. Honestly, you could so skip the actual type and just look at the pics/captions.

The photos/captions taken from the original article are intended to teach women of the 1930s the proper way to date a gentleman. Here are the rules:

  1. Don’t drink too much
  2. Don’t be familiar with the host
  3. Don’t talk about clothes
  4. Don’t be conspicuous
  5. Do your dressing
  6. Don’t get lipstick on men’s hankerchiefs
  7. Don’t sit in awkward positions
  8. Don’t be careless
  9. Don’t use the car mirror
  10. Wear a bra
  11. Don’t be familiar with the escort
  12. Don’t be sentimental
  13. Don’t be “That Girl” (Okay I added this one myself.. it doesnt really say that.)

How many of those rules do YOU follow ladies? hhhhmm?

I’m going to now translate them into rules for girls of the 21st century:

  1. Don’t drink too much (this one is timeless.)
  2. Don’t flirt with every guy you see. The host of the party probably isn’t interested (especially if you have broken rule #1)
  3. Don’t talk about your clothes… more importantly, don’t wear clothes that will be talked about (negatively).
  4. Don’t be the girl that is overly squealing/screaming/making a scene (see #13)
  5. Look cute but don’t take all night to achieve that goal. After a while (maybe an hour or so) you’re prob as cute as you’re gunna get. Plus, guys only have so much patience for this before you start hearing the annoying “you look FINE LETS GO!”
  6. Don’t get your lipstick anywhere. In fact, just stick to lipgloss or chapstick.
  7. Be aware of your body. Don’t sit in awkward positions, dont stand in awkward positions, don’t get out of the car in awkward positions. Just don’t be awkward.
  8. Don’t be an airhead.
  9. Don’t check yourself out every minute. You look fine (see #5).  If you want to see if you have something in your teeth, cool. Use the car mirror for a quick sec. If you want to reapply your entire face… not as cool.
  10. Wear a bra. (again, timeless.)
  11. Don’t hit on someone else’s man. That’s just tacky.
  12. Don’t be the girl that creates drama and cries. Nobody likes a party pooper.
  13. Don’t be “That Girl” (once again, timeless.)

I was actually going to link to photos illustrating each of the updated rules… but I know many of you are at work and am not sure that some of the pictures that would be most fitting for the topics would necessarily be the most “workplace appropriate.” Use your imagination. I’m sure you’ve seen a girl break every single one of the 13 rules mentioned above. I know I’m guilty of a few myself.

Reminder: Number 1 should NEVER happen. Classy girls don’t get drunk. They get “overserved.” (use it in a sentence if you have to think about this… ex: “oh my gosh. I got SOOO DRUNK last night” vs. “oh my gosh. I was SOOO OVERSERVED last night” …  see the difference? good.)

Well ladies (and gents), enjoy your weekend and don’t forget the 13 rules!

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