What’s your style forecast?

Sorry! Running SUPER late today! Busy morning.

Today’s website is called

Style Caster.



Style Caster is “The only destination for Style, Shopping and Social Networking.” The website focuses on six main categories: Fashion, News, Shopping, People, Sales, and TV.

In the Fashion section, you can view outfits based on your occasion, style, body shape, and even the temperature outside! It’s fun to see the different combinations you can come up with! Almost like playing with virtual paperdolls! IN the Fashion section, you can also see what outfit is most popular that day, and view other people’s “daily mirrors” (aka daily pics of their outifts..) ((I think this is my favorite section))

The News section talks about all the latest and greatest in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and celebrity. (Clarabelle, I think you would like not only this whole website but, especially this section! xo)

The Shop section not only tells you what’s hot in fashion right now, it tells you where you can get it. You can even put together an outfit from head-to-toe (back to that virtual paperdoll aspect again) and then purchase the entire thing online! This section also tells you about “exclusive sales” – very handy for those fashionistas out there!

The People section of this website is a combination of a Facebook/MySpace social network – only obviously more geared towards fashion. People can set up profiles, share their “daily mirrors…” They can also be rated/ranked by other members based on who they think is most fashionable that day (personally, kinda corny but… to each their own). I think my part of this section is seeing what other people are wearing by checking out their “daily mirrors” (althought it makes me feel on the verge of being a stalker, thats what it’s there for!) There are some cute outfit inspirations out there!

The Sales section… well.. self explanatory and already mentioned in the “Shop” category. It features things on sale (“Oh my gosh! Now that $2,000 coat is only $1,500! What a DEAL!” ….. just kidding).

Finally, the TV section has tons of mini videos & etc discussing celebrities and fashion. They feature gossip, beauty/fashion tips, celebs & etc.

Honestly, this site has so much going on, it could take you weeks to see the whole thing! Check it out! Get some fashion inspiration, find a new outfit, get a great deal, get your fill of celeb gossip… whatever you wanna know about fashion/style/beauty & etc, it’s probably somewhere on this website. If not, I’m sure one if its uber fashionable members would be happy to help!

Would you join this site? If I wore cute outfits everyday there’s a possibility I’d join, meanwhile, so not the case… so I’ll just stick to being the weird stalker.

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