Some sketchy stuff and a small miracle.

Okay… so first of all I want to share a story with you (most of you have prob already have heard it via my Facebook page… soo… sorry for the repeat. I’ll keep it short.)

BF and I got our first pet last weekend- a bright red beta fish named “Mr. Buble” (yes, after Michael Buble. I love that man.). He was the happiest little fish you have ever seen the first day or so… then Monday, he just starts being all sluggish. I’m thinking… “Great. He’s dying. I’m a fish killer. And sure enough, by yesterday morning, Mr. Buble was face first (I’m talkin’ VERTICAL) at the bottom of his tank. I banged on the glass and when there was no answer, I left and started planning his flushing for that evening. I come home from work — still vertical and lifeless. Jeremy and I were finishing up dinner (I made this delish tortilla soup from All Recipes), getting ready to perform the awful deed, and I look over to see Mr. Buble twitch and just… randomly start swimming! It was CRAZY! Some may say maybe a tiny fishy MIRACLE!

And that’s my story. Mr. Buble is now alive and well upstairs with us (it was pretty cold downstairs).

Anyway… Today I was going to introduce you to a website called Culturepush that “tracks cool stuff in art, culture and design in Singapore” but… then that website led me to an even cooler one:

Urban Sketchers.

Urban Sketchers is actually a nonprofit (nonprofits have a special place in my heart…) that is “dedicated to raising the artistic, storytelling and educational value of location drawing, promoting its practice and connecting people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel. [They] aim to show the world, one drawing at a time.”

Basically, the website features tons of people’s sketches from all over the world (names and countries are listed down left column), and often includes the stories behind the sketches.

Some of my favorite sketches/stories include:

“A Day in St. Brieuc, Brittany” – I love the colors and lines in the sketches done by Caroline Johnson


“Smithfield Market, Dublin” – The crispness differences in thickness of the lines in these sketches by Roger O’Reilly caught my eye. (plus, I’ve been to Dublin- fun place!)

I think what really draws me to this website is the fact that these sketches are snapshots out of people’s lives (INTERESTING people’s lives- at least for the most part). The sketches are great at catching motion, emotion, energy & etc. Although I have always enjoyed looking at people’s sketches, I have never really been good at doing my own. I am more of a “draw a still object and make it look exactly like you see it” than a “draw a person walking by… reaaadyy GO!”

But… for entertaiment’s sake, I will include two sketches I found in my “journal” from Italy two summers ago…(possibly regretting this decision…)  The first sketch is of a statue (with some huge guns) and the second one includes a huge steel sculpture and a pillar both from the Guggenheim Museum in Venice (probably my VERY FAVORITE place we went on that trip)

They were quick(ish) sketches okay?! ha… Honestly, I’m a tad uncomfortable with them being in here (especially right by the AWESOME ones from Urban Sketchers).. but thought it’d be nice to maybe share a little of myself…

ANYWAY… check out this website, it really is amazing to see all the different styles and topics of the sketches- plus, sometimes the stories are neat, too!

See any sketches you particularly like? Have any of your own you would like to submit? Maybe even support the cause?

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