No trees were killed in the making.

So… my mom is the type of person who, once you show her you have a valid interest in something, is not only constantly keeping an eye out for things that could be inspirational (which is awesome! this isn’t a complaint!), she also wants to buy you a magazine subscription on that topic. My brothers have always gotten boat, bike, scuba & etc  magazines… but.. apparently interest in gossip and fashion was never considered a legit interest…so I never really got any magazines (waaawaaa)….

That is until I found Domino a couple years ago…  and then.. right when I had finally found MY mag, they went out of business. (RIP Domino). I was left magazine-less until I ran across ReadyMade, the closest thing to a replacement I’ve found. My mom bought it for me this Christmas but… because it is a bimonthly magazine, I won’t get it until MAY!

So what am I going to do with myself?! How will I survive without my artsy fartsy mag?! (… probably like I did for all those years before I found a mag… but still.). Well… I have found an ONLINE mag that may curb my artsy apetite until Spring (and beyond!).

Lonny Magazine.

Lonny Magazine is a virtual, bimonthly, magazine full of tips, how-tos, fashion, beauty, decor, shopping, art… EVERYTHING I love! Although it is an online mag (doesn’t go to print- ever), I like Lonny Mag because it is set up just how a real, physical magazine is. You can flip through all 219 pages (using arrows instead of your fingers) and you can see the index, letter from the editor, full page ads, articles… everything you would find in a regular magazine. There are only two real differences:  no trees were killed in the making of this mag and almost everything you see has a link (when you hover over the object) to where you can  purchase it! Brilliant!

Personally, this is the kind of magazine I would LOVE to work for! Doing layouts, setting up living rooms for photoshoots, doing a how-to…pretty much anything and everything. It just seems so awesome and exudes artyness and inspiration

Enjoy flipping through this website/magazine! Did anything inspire YOU?! (I like the black and white wallpaper on pg 63-65- reminds me of one of my favorite things: dandelions).

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5 thoughts on “No trees were killed in the making.

  1. Colleen says:

    I used to LOVE Domino, I ordered subscriptions for people for Christmas last year, and then they discontinued it and sent Glamour instead…

  2. Clare says:

    Yes! I am loving online magazines! it is the wave of the future!

  3. socialsonya says:

    This is so cute! I miss Domino too 😦 but will def check out Lonny!

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