Lost your camera?

Horray! Friday!

What are your plans for Valentines Day? My plans include a club in Norfolk (with a limo), Hibachi with BF, DIY gift exchange, and maybe some BerryBody! (<similar to “iceberry” or that other one with “green” in its name.. “sweetgreen” maybe?)

Today’s website may come in handy for you if you were to say… lose your camera this weekend (or have lost your camera in the past).  It’s called:

Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures.



Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures (aka I Found Your Camera) is a simple blog that posts pictures from cameras that have been found by strangers. It also features found photographs.

I love scrolling through this blog and reading people’s stories about how they found the camera/pic and hear what kind of information they have gathered simply by looking at the person’s photos. Some even seem to have made up stories.

One of my favorite narratives and photos is this one:

On Oct. 30, I found a camera washed up on the beach on the Gold Coast in QLD Australia. It was in pretty bad shape and looked like it had been in the ocean a long time. I was going to throw it away but decided to smash it open and see what was on the memory card if it was ok.

There was 292 pictures of a young couple and their travels. The metadata said the last picture was taken Jan. 27 – that means it was in the ocean for 9 months.

Anyway I have been through the pictures and zoomed in on everything and anything and believe the couple are French Canadian. There are photos of snow, Canadian flags and people drinking Canadian beer.

I am pulling my hair trying to find them.


How fun is that?! It’s nice to know there are good people out there who just want to return your photos and camera. Not sell it on the black market or something.

So… if you’re looking for your pics/camera… or find someone else’s pics/camera, try this website. ALSO, try their Facebook Page. You actually might have better luck there.

Have fun this weekend!  (Whether or not you’re celebrating VDay). And keep an eye on your camera!

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2 thoughts on “Lost your camera?

  1. Cathy Welch says:

    Awesome post, Emily. What a cool idea for entertainment too!

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