Amazing Artists.

So I’ve been running late all morning… and therefore, so has my blog… sorry about that.

I’m going to highlight two websites today… they both belong to artists whom I have recently discovered and become super inspired by. They may not keep you occupied all day long like a lot of my recommendations can but… they’re really awesome. The first artist is:

Eric Daigh. 


Eric Daigh creates gorgeous portraits using solely PUSH PINS! Here’s the artist’s bio:

… His work is that rare arial perspective of the faces we see everyday, the vistas of common personalities, the longview of the human. You can stand up close, squint into the vacu-formed industrial sheen of some common object but such a perspective only argues the atomic structure of his work…  As we pull back… objects become portraits, the pedestrian becomes sublime. Molecules, pixels, cultivated fields all speak to his medium. He starts with a flat 5 color cadence, all just rhythmic loops, then relationships form, a singularity shifts into subtle congress and depth and tones appear. We step back further and slowly, as if through the portal of some remote ship we suddenly recognize… His grids are… a seemingly simple sequence that when sounded in its complexity reveals the honesty of the unreapeatable person.

Eric Daigh has 13 pieces featured on his website that are all equally awesome. This is something that I so want to do… but I think its pretty much impossible. So for now, I’ll just admire his work! 


The second artist that I want to introduce you to is very similar to Eric Daigh in that he uses “everyday objects” to make unbelieveable portraits and art. His name is:

Sean Kenney.

Sean Kenney uses LEGOS to create his art! He does not only portraits but also sculptures, exhibits, and even sells some of his pieces. Kenney has even done commissioned pieces for big names like Google, Mazda, and even “Speidi” (aka Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag)!

Here’s a little bit about Sean Kenney:

Sean Kenney has been playing with LEGO toys, non-stop, for over 30 years. What started as little towns, cars, and spaceships eventually grew to something more involved as he got older. Now he creates sculptures, full time, using hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks every year.Based in New York City, he has produced artwork and commissions worldwide for galleries and museums, television and magazines, corporations, famous stores, and for individuals from grandmothers to celebrities. He’s made a 400-pound model of JP Morgan Chase’s logo (complete with a busy little LEGO city inside); figurative sculptures for art galleries; and props for television shows. Sean and his work have been seen in The
New York Times, BBC news, Elle Magazine, Good Morning America, New York Magazine, and numerous documentaries and retrospectives about LEGO toys.


Check out these two AMAZING artists (especially Sean Kenney- his site is a little more robust)- they have some real talent. Who knew you could make a living arranging push pins or playing with the toy you used to play with as a kid!? Love it!

What do you think of his stuff?! Awesome, huh.

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Artists.

  1. Jeremy says:

    remember when we were going to do that pixel art project. That would still be awesome.

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