Make your own KALEIDOCYCLE!

Well…  FINALLY got my snow wish… but… my boss explained that the “snow day”  is “up to you” aka “take a vacation day if you want to stay home.” I think I’ll work a half day.

I’m actually really excited about today’s site. I got it from Photojojo‘s newsletter a few days ago and couldn’t wait to show you! The website is:

Foldplay is a website that teaches you how to make a Kaleidocycle! For those of you who are thinking “what the HECK is a Kaleidocycle?” Here is the answer: an awesome origami-ish thing to give someone for Valentines Day! (see below pic for further explanation):

To make a Kaleidocycle, simply follow the instructions. You upload 4 images, click “make your kaleidocycle” and then cut and glue as directed (<click here for more detailed instructions).

Foldplay has a few other origami-ish stuff on its website including: a “nerdcatcher,” paper models, links, a crafty blog, and a store.

Because I am currently home, due to the treacherous weather, I think, at some point today, (between Vday projs for bf) I will make one of these and show you how its done. Until then, enjoy. And if you have snow, enjoy that too. All you up North, get some hot cocoa, a good book (I’m currently reading Eclipse!) and SHUT IT!

Happy Wednesday.

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