I hate cucumbers.

Again, I woke up hoping to see snow falling down… no such luck (I know all of you up in NoVA are wanting to strangle me right now… sorry… no time. I have to be at WORK soon).

This may be the last time I state the obvious but… I love DIY, design & etc. This website, like most of them, combines all of my favorite things into one simple location (except for the name- I hate cucumbers):


Cucumbersome is a website that is VERY similar to two of my other favorites: Design*Sponge and Apartment Therapy. They actually all discuss/share articles so I’m sure my two faves introduced me to this website.

I think that Cucumbersome and I share a similar taste… and love for all things artsy and pretty… I mean… check out their office supply finds (below)! I have to admit, I already get a little excited in an office supply store (they can be very similar to craft stores!) but… these are PRETTY office supplies! Even better!

Cucumbersome features tons of different topics, from home design, to office supplies, sewing projects, great recipes, featured artists and bloggers, and… my personal favorite… TUTORIALS! (Okay… not to be a debby downer but… their tutorial section is a little weak.  You can def find more projects as you scroll through their posts, though.) The tutorial I can not WAIT to do is the leather chain necklace it is officially being added to my DIY list (right after what is turning out to be a painstakingly tedious VDay present for bf- love you!)

Enjoy scrolling through Cucumbersome and maybe pick up some decorating, design, and DIY ideas! I know this has been officially added to my Bloglovin’ list. And as soon as I make that necklace, I will be sure to show you!

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2 thoughts on “I hate cucumbers.

  1. Clare says:

    Cute!! I love that they do DIY’s…when you make the leather chain necklace, be sure to make one for me too 🙂 and that name is great. *sigh* so creative


  2. […] dog, they are SO getting the Braided Dog Collar and Lead. It looks just like that leather necklace I mentioned on my blog a few weeks […]

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