Well… that was embarassing.

So… I’ve been sitting at work feeling a little embarassed about the website I chose to highlight today. I admit, not the best I’ve found. So, to  save face and make up for this morning’s sub-par website recommendation, I have decided to share with you a link my dad shared with me this morning:

The Hidden Art of Camouflage Photography.

Camouflage has always been a wonder to us. It allows animals and plants to remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment through deception.

Adopting this concept, a new wave of camouflage artists use special techniques for  their photographs that allow them to show people blended into their surroundings.

For each photo, the camouflage artist must meticulously design a new camouflage suit in order for the effect to work.

This article features the work of two prominent camouflage artists: Liu Bolin and Desiree Palmen. See if you can find the people in these photographs…

(Click the pics to go to view all the photos… they are SERIOUSLY AMAZING!)

Which were your favorites? I couldn’t decide which photo was my favorite but… personally, I liked Liu Bolin’s photos better-  in some of the photos (like the bulldozer one), it seriously took me a second to find the person! CRAZY!

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One thought on “Well… that was embarassing.

  1. Clare says:

    OOOOH! I love stuff like this. Going to check out the photos now!


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