You can Do It!

Do It Yourself, that is!

So apparently because of the snow on SATURDAY, there are some schools (in Hampton Roads, VA) that are STILL out! Me? I’ve been going to work this whole week! What’s wrong with this picture?

Today’s website is full of one of my favorite things: DIY activities/crafts! The website is:


Instructables shows you how to make an almost endless list of things, broken up into 16 categories including art, crafts, food, games, kids, music, pets, outdoor, and tech!

I haven’t done any of the projects yet but… will definitely be taking an entire evening (or afternoon) to find some inspiration (bf and I just decided to make eachother VDay presents)!

Below are some of the “how-to”s I found intriguing:

Lady Gaga Glasses

Watermelon Keg

5 Minute Chocolate Cake

Test Tube Vase

Make Your Own Snuggie

Aren’t those great!?

Scroll through the site, get some gift & craft ideas, and maybe submit some of your own awesome how-tos!

Did you see any projects that inspired you? Any Valentines gift ideas you may be able to pass on (to moi)?

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2 thoughts on “You can Do It!

  1. I love instructables. Check out they have some geeky DIY stuff too.

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