Hey hot MoMA!

Did you have a great weekend?! For me, it was a quiet snowed-in, lots of movies, lots of food kinda weekend (which was AWESOME!)

Well… in case you forgot, you officially have 13 days until Valentines Day!! (I know, for some of you, Valentines Day is just another day, for others it’s a day that you look forward to all year – I lean towards the “just another day” ‘tude but it is a nice excuse to dress up and celebrate love… even though I believe that should happen on a daily basis.)

Anyway… for those of you who care at least a LITTLE bit about VDay (or your significant other does), I have a website that may help you with your shopping (if you aren’t celebrating VDay, still check it out. It’s a fun site)!

MoMA Store.

The MoMA Store, an extension of the famous MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art), in NYC, has the coolest, artsy-est stuff! Right now, because VDay is rounding the corner, they even have an entire section devoted to the day!

Gentleman, you are lucky, because Valentines Day was pretty much invented for women so the products out there to give them are practically endless! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for your lady:

Forget Me Knot Ring (My ABSOLUTE Favorite thing at this store!!! LOVE IT!)

DNA Necklace

Pop-Up Blossoms Note Cards

If your lady is less of the jewelry and flowers type, try some of these:

Color Changing Umbrella (how cool is that?!)

Lollipop Watches

Ladies, I have found that Valentines Day can be a little harder for us… I mean… not very many guys like jewelry and flowers… so what do we get them? Here are some suggestions:

Wine Thermometer (you like the wine, they like the gadget!)

Steel and Rubber (aka MANLY) Ring

Reveal Watch

These are just a few of the awesome things that MoMA has to offer. I seriously could spend HOURS surfing through the store, adding things to my cart just for the heck of it (low on funds right now…). If you are still thinking of what to get your lover (or parents or whatev), on Valentines Day, I would recommend starting here.

Happy Monday!

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