Stuff white people like…

Dear Friday, why the heck did you take so long to get here?
love, Me

Instead of introducing you to a new blog today, I have a feeling that for most of you, its going to be more of a reintroduction. If not, then I’m excited to share this with you!


Stuff White People Like is a website that simply lists things that are “typically white”…. I think the “About” section might be able to explain it better: This is a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like. They are pretty predictable.”

I like this website because, not only is it funny, but it also tends to almost “educate” (for lack of a better word) viewers about what is going on in popular culture. It talks about current movies, TV shows, trends & etc.

 Some of my favorite Stuff White People Like include:

Ugly Sweater Parties (If you remember, I actually did this a few weeks ago! haha)


Taking off for a Year  (I wish I could do this/had done this… and actually my parents were all for it)


Pea Coats (Guilty.)


Check out the website… read through the “stuff,” and get a good laugh (and maybe a little bit of education). How many of these items can you relate to? I even saw one comment that said “This website knows me better than I do!” haha!

What are some of your favorite “Stuff White People Like“? Do you have any suggestions for ones they should add?

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