What’s wrong with the zoo?

Good Day!

Although I woke up thinking that it was Thursday (total letdown), I think it’s going to be a great day! Plus, BF and I are going to finally see Avatar in 3D IMAX (we’ve already tried twice- 1st time: sold out, 2nd time: technical difficulties)!!

Anyway… today’s website is for those of you who love fashion (and those of you who don’t, check it out anyway). The website is called:

What’s Wrong With The Zoo.

What’s Wrong With The Zoo covers everything involving “european.contemporary.fashion.” It features things like… runway shows, unique clothing and accessories, and extreme fashion. You can scroll through the main part of the site, or browse by categories (ex: Art & Fashion, Books & Mags, Calls & Events, DIY & Customizing, Sustainable Fashion, and Talks & Interviews… to name a few…).

I think my favorite part of this website is the “Street Seen” section.  It shows what people (in Europe, mostly) are wearing on a daily-basis as they run their errands & etc:

Take your time, browse through What’s Wrong With The Zoo, and maybe even get some fashion inspiration while being entertained in class or at work.

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One thought on “What’s wrong with the zoo?

  1. Clare says:

    cuuute! I have to check this site out! I love the title haha… it’s very British


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