Come on, make it lovely.

I think this one goes out to all the ladies

The website for today is one that appeals to my craftsy side for SURE. It makes me want to get up and redecorate my apartment or sit down and craft the day away!

Making it Lovely is a website that highlights just that; “Transforming the so-so.” The website often covers home decor, but also discusses fashion, art, photographycrafts, and shopping!

I think one reason why I really like this website, besides all the artsy inspiration it oozes, is the fact that the blogger, Nicole Balch, includes a lot of her personal life. Throughout her blog, Nicole has pictures of herself, her family, house, pets, art & etc. Yes, the website is about her, yet it is about MORE than just her at the very same time. Basically, I think there is a nice balance of personal and “professional.”

Not only is Nicole Balch a successful, interesting blogger, she also has her very own store, Pink Loves Brown! The store has the CUTEST paper goods (stationerygreeting cards & etc) and “lovely goods” (magnets, pins & etc). Everything at Pink Loves Brown would make a GREAT gift for ANY occasion!

Well, take a moment and surf through Making it Lovely. It really is a good read and a great place for inspiration of all kinds!

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