Here we go…VEVO!

I’m pretty excited to share today’s website with you! I actually discovered it this weekend but wanted to wait til more people were back to work from the long weekend to show it to you! It’s possible that you may have heard of it. It’s called:


VEVO is a website I discovered through YouTube. It’s actually really similar to YouTube in that you can look up artists and view their music videos. VEVO, however, only has music videos…. and the best part!? You can create, save, and share your very own playlists!

Once I found VEVO, I spent pretty much the entire morning playing with it… searching artists, adding them to my playlist, listening to other people’s playlists… And I thought to myself…

“Why would someone want to use this?”
I mean… I have tons of playlists that I created on Pandora (if you don’t know what Pandora is, please go check it out. It is a must have!) and Slacker (the station I use when I run out of hours on Pandora). I also thought.. “Gosh… if I was to use this at work, I would probably get sucked into watching dozens of music videos instead of working!”

So I came up with why people would want this: Parties.

Or get-togethers… whatev. Basically, your VEVO list would make a GREAT background to any sort of get together. I have been to tons of parties where the TV is simply on- nobody’s really watching it but its still on in the background (in addition to the music blasting from the computer, of course).  To make your playlist even more effective at your shindig, hook your computer up to your TV (<click for a how-to).

The website is super intuitive. Basically, you sign up for free (you can use your Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo!, or Facebook account or create a new one). Once you’re signed in, you will be taken back to the VEVO homepage where you can search the site by using the search bar or links to Videos, Artists, Genres, Channels and Playlists. You can also view Top Videos, Top Playlists, and Popular Artists.

Find the music video you want to add to your list and simply click the “Add” button (it looks like a plus in a red circle) and BAM it is automatically added to your playlist at the bottom of your screen. Create as many playlists as you want or, if you don’t feel inspired enough to make your own, I recommend checking out playlists other people have created. In fact, as I write this, I am listening to the “Award Winning Videos” playlist created by one of VEVO’s members.

What do you think? Pretty cool find, huh.
Did you make a playlist? I’d love to hear it! Send me your URLs!

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3 thoughts on “Here we go…VEVO!

  1. Jeremy says:

    That rocks. I always try to look up music videos on you tube and end up finding some lame remake or a video that is crappy quality. This will be sweet. Plus when we throw parties and have an awesome tv it will be nice to have some interesting background going on like in clubs 🙂 Sahweeet

  2. Kristen says:

    I had no idea Vevo could do that. I’ve seen it when I’ve looked up songs though. I’ll keep this in mind 😉 And PS. This is totally a stupid question, and very obvious that I don’t use Pandora a whole lot, but you can run out of hours??

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