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Hello again, Mundane Monday.

All I’m going to say is that all of you who have today off…  I’M JEALOUS! And Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Today’s website is one I found a while back and just thought was super interesting. I picked today to show you this website because many of you are at home, and this website is that of an artist who does risque work sometimes. Although her work is DEFINITELY not R rated, there are some images that you should think twice about before pulling them up on your work computer. It for SURE has potential to create an awkward situation should someone walk in on you as you admire a select few of her art pieces. The artist is:

Amanda Putty.

Amanda Putty‘s art depicts women as basically beautiful entertainment for men. The website describes her work better than I probably could:

Amanda Putty’s art depicts quintessential fantasies of the hedge fund world – fantasies of money and power focused on women. Her paintings and prints portray women as hedge fund managers, almost exclusively male, envision them: as baby dolls, mistresses, collectibles and playthings. The artist, who paints under a pseudonym, has an insider’s knowledge of hedge fund fantasies and attitudes. She works in the business.

For me, the most fascinating part about this artist is that she, as mentioned above, is actually involved in the business in which she depicts. Her art is categorized into three “themes” (or perhaps her implied “purposes” of women) if you will. Office girls (eye candy), Party Girls (entertainment), and Show Girls (arm candy).

One of my favorite parts of Amanda Putty’s site and her art is the comments/narration she includes with each picture. They’re pretty funny/ironic and, in my opinion, really add to the image. The trophy wife’s (seen below) narration, for example:

“I understand Henry’s got a new young wife.
Does she do anything?”

“Not really. She’s going back to school to get her degree. But she’s captain of the girl’s soccer team.”

Below are two of my favorite (and more family-appropriate) Amanda Putty images:

Trophy Wife: “I understand Henry’s got a new young wife. Does she do anything?” “Not really. She’s going back to school to get her degree. But she’s captain of the girl’s soccer team.”

Sales Assistant: “He plans to put $250 million into the fund pending today’s due diligence. He asked for you personally. I’ll pick you up in two hours. Go on, Jenny, make it happen.”

Oh. and did I mention she’s actually IN a lot of her images?
How cool is that!? (I’ll give you a hint, one of the men in her Reviews/Q&A section asked if she had a tattoo on her butt. Her answer was yes.)

Check out the rest of Amanda Putty‘s images, read her reviews/Q&A (honestly, they’re super interesting),  and even purchase some of her work- available in prints as well as greeting cards…

Ladies (and prob gents t0o..) I do NOT recommend you give these greeting cards to your boss… or anything of the like (unless there’s some risque things going on on the side… then it’d prob make a kick-ass, yet slightly inappropriate, gift). I’m just saying.

Do you have a favorite Amanda Putty image? What do you think about this type of artwork?

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17 thoughts on “Hedge Fund Artist

  1. Kristen says:

    Sorry you had to work today! I’m glad I saw this at home, my computer at work totally would’ve flashed a “should not be here” screen and that means trouble pour moi! The applicant one is definitely funny, I”ll have to show this to Andy. As always, good find!

  2. Clare says:

    woah this is totally interesting and right up my alley! I love when stealth women uncover the not so savory escapades of powerful men!


    • MaunderingMe says:

      Glad you liked her! And I actually thought of you when I wrote this blog! Not because of the somewhat naked, risque girls 😉 but because she seems like such ballsy woman and her work includes such scandalous underlying issues. Plus, isn’t it cool that she is actually in a lot of her art?!

  3. i know Amanda…and she is real and she knows and lives everything that her art depicts….

  4. Amanda Putty says:

    Wow!!! thanks for finding me and including me as one of your coolest most random websites.

    You must be a woman because you have me pegged just right….i like to expose/depict sexist behavior in the workplace (mostly with humor)…but i also like men and also very much like sex.

    men don’t seem to think you can be against sexism and pro sex at the same time. …but they don’t understand multi-tasking either!

    • MaunderingMe says:

      Thanks for finding ME! I am so excited that you read my blog! And I’m glad I “pegged” you because it’s always a little nerve racking wondering if I covered what owners of the websites believe is most important. I think you are the perfect combination of calling men out for their sometimes “womanizing” behavior yet… showing that perhaps its because women enjoy the men, sex, and attention. Your pieces definately could open a large debate depending on which side(s) one decides to take on the “issues” portrayed. LOVE IT! Thanks again!

  5. Amanda Putty says:

    spurring debate is what being a gadfly is all about… but not all my fans are benign!

    here’s one i could use some help with….

    did you know that a trading firm in greenwich, conn. has a self-protrait of me (kneeling on a stool, naked with a bag over my head) hanging above a urinal in their men’s room?

    what do you think they are thinking when they stand there looking at the picture?

    also, why did they put it there?

    • MaunderingMe says:

      Oh my gosh! That is totally illustrating/solidifying everything that your art depicts! How funny would it be to include your described “urinal photo scene” subtly in the background of one of your pieces!? And you know…. how unfair is it that the women don’t get one on the back of THEIR door?! We like having things to look at too! Which one of your pieces would you pick to be hung on the door in the womens room?

  6. Amanda Putty says:

    What pic would I hang on the back of the door in a woman’s toliet stall? hmmmmmm, interesting question.

    Probably Trader’s Gift (because it’s set in a lady’s room):


    or perhaps Infraction (because it makes women angry):


  7. yea thanks maundering me….Amanda is a very very good friend of mine…and I think she knows the tight rope with where she walks…

    she is by far the most interesting woman in the whole world..im serious when i tell you this…i sell her art work in my store…and the reaction i get from it is bold to say the least…

    you should write more about her ..

    last thing…dont let her fool you ….she really is sweet…but dont tell anyone she would get mad at me if i told you she was a real sweetheart with a heart of gold

  8. and not that i want to take the light away from my beautiful friend Amanda…but my website is Hipand humblehome.com…

    its furniture not nearly as interesting as my beautiful friend Amanda is but i wouldnt hate a mention

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